The Visionix VX120 Multi-Diagnostic Unit combines the functions of an autorefractor, a keratometer, a corneal topographer, a wavefront aberrometer, a pachymeter, and a non-contact tonometer combined with anterior chamber analysis into one of the most advanced instruments available to evaluate your vision, corneal health, and helps us assess your risk of both open and closed angle glaucoma.

​​​​​​​The Visionix iScan80 offers a fully-integrated system which includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans. It detects the eye to be scanned, aligns the camera over the pupil and optimises the scan signal strength. After completing scan acquisition, iScan80 evaluates each scan to ensure quality data has been captured. The iScan80 is an integral part of glaucoma evaluation, macular degeneration as well as other retinal and optic nerve diseases.

The Tomey Specular Microscope EM-3000 provides corneal endothelium imaging by using the specular optical principle with a visible light source, lenses and a CCD camera. Imaging of your corneal endothelium allows us to determine any abnormality of the cornea that can be due to contact lens overwear, LASIK, dry eye as well as inherited corneal diseases. Healthy endothelium are crucial for clear, comfortable vision.

Offering the best of confocal technology, iCare EIDON offers increased image sharpness, better optical resolution, higher details, and greater contrast that allow our doctors to take retinal diagnostics to the next level without the need for pupil dilation in most patients.

The VX40 is the next generation auto lensmeter utilizing Visionix wavefront technology which allows us to have a full detailed analysis of your current frames and lenses at the push of the button. The VX40 can detect and analyze bifocals, progressive, and single vision lenses and is compatible with all lens technologies and brands.

Dry Eye Treatment utilizing EPI-C Plus IPL + LLLT

The Marco EPI-C Plus features intense pulse light (IPL) with low level light therapy (LLLT) for more comprehensive application.

The LLLT Masks utilize Red and Blue technology to treat the eyelids and eye lashes.

Red Light: Stimulates production of collagen and elastin — Red light is absorbed by mitochondria and stimulates ATP increasing cellular action, enhancing its activity1.

Blue Light: Purification action — Blue light is recognized to be the ideal wavelength to solicit porphyrins to obtain a bacteriostatic effect with a consequent elimination of bacteria3.

The MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic medical device providing a safe and effective alternative therapy for dry eyes. It uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump to help maximize liquefaction of meibum, thus improving preservation and function of the evaporative component of the tear film.

  • Therapeutic

  • Lasting Benefits

  • Relaxing

  • Immediate Relief

Huvitz Digital Refractor HDR-9000: Wireless communication feature also allows for socially distance digital refraction. This option ensures higher patient comfort and security during the eye exam.

Huvitz HS-7000/HS-7500 Slit Lamp is a high end slit lamps that offers a wider angle, live image and increased accuracy for a better and more successful diagnosis with integrated omni style joystick and trigger button for easy image and video capture of our patient’s eye.

The new Huvitz HPE-910 EXXPERT Express Lens Edger has the latest technology being able to handle complex lens prescriptions and a full range of eyewear shapes and sizes.

The Huvitz EXXPERT HAB-8000X Automatic Lens Tracer and Blocker allows for automated tracing of your eyewear and blocking of your lenses to achieve a perfect size, shape and look of your new eyeglasses.

The Huvitz EXXPERT® HDM-8000 Drilling Unit allows us to work with virtually any shape lens and hole pattern for rimless eyeglasses.

AdaptDx - Model Pro with Eye Tracking Technology is backed by 20 years of proven clinical research. Tthe AdaptDx Pro® is a revolutionary new way to test our patients. Advanced, precision eye tracking technology automatically aligns with the eye to capture an accurate measurement of dark adaptation function. Depressed dark adaptation is a clinical sign of macular degeneration. Diagnosing early offers patients better visual outcomes and helps preserve their vision.

LKC’s RetEval allows our doctors to detect functional stress in your optic nerve, retina and nerve pathways to your brain. Utilizing ERG and VEP tests, RetEval provides objective information on the function of the visual system. It gives reliable guidance for our doctors to manage functional changes that may impact our patient’s vision, typically in advance of structural changes.

Zeiss Humphrey Matrix® 800 is our ideal solution to test our patient’s peripheral vision to help us diagnose glaucoma. Early detection and treatment are critical in preserving our patient’s vision. Patients experiencing high eye pressure or experiencing sudden and chronic headaches are tested with the Zeiss Humphrey Matrix® 800 to ensure there is no neurological component to their headaches nor optic nerve damage from the high eye pressure.

The Reichert 7CR Auto Tonometer allows our doctors to quantify the biomechanical properties of the cornea so that they can obtain a more accurate eye pressure reading allowing them to make critical diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Intense Pulse Light Therapy uses light to improve the general appearance of skin and has been around for many years.

OPE® IPL is the only pulsed light in the world allowing for usage without any protective gel. This is made possible by their patented technology that provides a light impulse that is emitted consistently at the correct frequency. This provides our patients with a frictionless experience during their treatment at our office.

This technology improves blood circulation by dissipating blood vessels and continues to be a top therapy to help patients experience symptom relief from dry eyes.

Heru - Vision Diagnostic Platform (
We deliver state of the art testing using Heru. This device performs six vision diagnostic exams including the ability analyze visual fields, color vision, contract sensitivity, and dark adaptation. You will love the lightweight headset that allows for an interactive AR/VR vision exam experience.

TearLab Scout Pr0 (
This state-of-the-art device helps our doctor understand your ocular surface and better manage your dry eye disease. Trukera is an objective and quantitative diagnostic tool that can measure the osmolarity of our tear film. This measurement can help us prescribe the most effective treatment plan to help combat your dry eye symptoms. Ask your doctor if this testing may be right for you.

Pro A Check Antioxidants Scanner (

The Pro A Check Antioxidants Scanner uses revolutionary technology that allows immediate and painless measurement of your antioxidant levels.

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