The Process of Getting Glasses for the First Time

The Process of Getting Glasses for the First Time

The Process of Getting Glasses for the First Time

The Process of Getting Glasses for the First Time

The American Academy of Optometry recommends getting prescription eyeglasses as early as possible. Doing so can correct refractive errors at a young age. But if it is your first time getting prescription glasses, it can end years of discomfort from refractive errors. Understanding the process of getting eyeglasses for the first time can help you prepare well for it. Here are the details. 


Get a Prescription


You must go to an experienced eye doctor in your area for a full eye exam. This will allow you to get your lens prescription for your first pair of eyeglasses. Experienced eye care providers can present more features for your lenses. These features can help you perform your activities better with your prescription. 


Select the Right Frames


An eye clinic has a collection of frames that you can choose from. The optician can suggest the right color, shape, or material for your lifestyle. You can be sure that your prescription eyeglasses will have frames that will suit you and your daily activities. The strongest will be titanium frames that can last for a lifetime. 


Get Custom-fit Lenses


Each patient has a different set of eye health needs. Your eye doctor will ask you questions about your work and vision needs. If you work on your computer all the time, you can have a blue light coating on your lenses. Transition lenses can adjust to the lighting in your environment if you are always on the move. You can also ask for lenses that reduce glare. The features you choose will determine the weight and thickness of your lenses. 


Tips When Getting Your First Pair of Eyeglasses


It may seem inconvenient to wear eyeglasses, but they can refresh your vision. Corrective eyeglasses can remove the pain and discomfort that you have been experiencing. Now that you have your first eyeglasses, you must be ready to care for them. Here are some pointers that you should remember:

  • Be ready for the adjustment period. New glasses will make you see better, but there is a period of adjustment that you must go through. Studies show that most first-time eyeglass wearers experience eye fatigue and headaches during the first days of wearing the glasses. Others have light sensitivity and dizziness

This discomfort happens because your eyes are now working extra hard to process what you are seeing. But it will disappear days soon after getting your eyeglasses. You can try wearing your glasses for a few hours and then remove them to rest your eyes. Do this for a week to help decrease your pain

  • Use the right cleaning cloth and solution. New eyeglasses tend to attract dust and grime. Get a lint-free, dust-resistant cleaning fabric and the right cleaning solution. These tools can help keep your eyeglasses clean and clear

  • Have a fixed place for your eyeglasses. This will keep you from misplacing them

Familiarizing yourself with the process of getting eyeglasses for the first time can help make your experience more pleasant. At White Plains Eye Care, we are always ready to make your eyeglasses stylish and comfortable to wear. Please drop by our clinic in White Plains, New York, for a one-on-one consultation. Please call 914-732-1732 to set an appointment or know more about our prescription eyeglass packages.

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